Tobacco Use in Moorhead Parks

The city of Moorhead has taken steps to restrict smoking in certain areas of Moorhead parks, including playgrounds, buildings, and ice rinks. However, due to increasing concerns over drug use in the Fargo-Moorhead area and that despite these restrictions, secondhand smoke inhalation is still very possible, the city of Moorhead should not only follow the lead of Dilworth (which in 2014 passed an ordinance which increases signage asking smokers from abstaining while in parks), but go further to pushing for legislation to prevent tobacco use and non-tobacco smoking (such as e-cigarettes) in all areas of Moorhead parks.

As city councilman, John will:

  • Work with the City of Moorhead Park Advisory Board to create legislation that protects the residents of Moorhead from the harmful affects of tobacco use.
  • Ensure that the City of Moorhead Parks & Recreation Department has sufficient funds to carry out education and proper signage in relation to any new legislation regarding tobacco use and non-tobacco smoking alternatives.
  • Work with elected officials from other cities in Minnesota that have attempted such legislation to learn what has worked and what hasn’t worked with such legislation.
  • Work with Moorhead law enforcement to find proper ways to ensure compliance with any new legislation regarding the parks in the city of Moorhead.