The F-M Diversion Project

Proper protection from flooding is of the utmost importance for the city of Moorhead, especially of those within Ward 1 and 3. The Red River Floods in 2009 and 2011 were unfortunate events in Moorhead’s history that left many without their homes. While levees are a fantastic start to Moorhead’s flood protection, it may not be enough in the event of a catastrophic flood, like those the city of Moorhead experienced.

The F-M Diversion Project is a permanent solution that “would reduce a 100-year flood event from 42.4 feet to 35 feet at the Fargo gage.” This would significantly increase protection against a catastrophic flood that could leave even more without homes than in the previous floods.

As a city councilman, John will:

  • Advocate for increased education of the impacts and benefits of the F-M Diversion project for Moorhead residents.
  • Continue to advocate for increased protection against flooding of the Red River that would impact Moorhead residents.
  • Work with the Minnesota State Legislature to ensure proper and beneficial decisions are being made regarding flood protection measures in Moorhead.
  • Ensure that Minnesota is allotted enough time to complete investigations regarding the impact the diversion will have on Minnesota and its farmers.
  • Work with other elected officials in Moorhead and Fargo to ensure that Minnesota and North Dakota continue to cooperate on the planning, funding, and construction of the F-M project.