Development of Moorhead Parks & Recreation

A city’s parks and recreational activities are key to building a community of a thriving city. Quite impressively, the city of Moorhead has a wide array of public parks, facilities, and golf courses. With nearly every neighborhood in Moorhead having at least one park available to its residents, the park system is something the city of Moorhead has done a fantastic job of developing.

Due to certain circumstances, there are various parks that are often unkempt, with run down pavilions, bathrooms, and equipment. With more than 30% of households in Moorhead having at least one child under the age of 18 (according to 2011-2015 estimates) it is imperative that the city of Moorhead strives to be a leader in its parks and recreational activities.

As a city councilman, John will:

  • Advocate for proper facilities at all parks, including clean and working bathrooms at larger parks, clean grounds, and functional playground equipment.
  • Encourage the city of Moorhead to find new and creative ways to make use of the 54 parks and facilities across Moorhead as a means of community building.
  • Ensure proper funding to the Parks & Recreation Department to allow for proper management and development of the Moorhead’s parks and facilities.