Maintaining Housing Values in Central Moorhead


The housing market in Moorhead is as complex as any other. With older houses near the center of Moorhead (including John’s own home) dating back to first half of the 20th century juxtaposed with the newer homes in north, east, and south Moorhead, the city has a challenge to maintain comparable quality of the older homes to the newer homes.

The city of Moorhead has a variety of programs that encourage homeowners to add value to their home by renovating with loan programs and tax rebates.

As a city councilman, John will:

  • Continue to investigate ways for Moorhead home owners to add value to their homes in an affordable way to ensure their homes are remaining valuable in a city with expansive new construction.
  • Advocate for increased education of these programs, especially within targeted areas of Moorhead with a high volume of homes older than 50 years and neighborhoods with low property values.
  • Work with local banks to ensure programs such as the Gate City Bank Neighborhood Impact Program continue as the city of Moorhead imagines its future.
  • Find ways to encourage housing developers to create housing in Moorhead that is modest, affordable, and meets requirements of stricter loan programs, such as the FHA mortgage.
  • Advocate for proper code enforcement to ensure that all homeowners are held accountable and do not negatively impact the values of neighboring homes.