Implementing Recycling Receptacles in Moorhead Parks and Downtown


Moorhead is a city that takes recycling very seriously. With the implementation of curbside single-sort recycling program, it’s clear that Moorhead is headed in a direction of encouraging its residents to recycle.

As Moorhead continues to move forward, it is also important that residents have the opportunity to recycle when they are interacting with the community, at parks and while in Downtown Moorhead. As of right now, residents have no other choice but to hold onto their recycling until they get to their home, or to simply throw it in the trash.

As a city councilman, John will:

  • Advocate for the implementation of adequate recycling receptacles at all Moorhead parks, especially those with heavy traffic.
  • Advocate for the implementation of adequate recycling receptacles throughout Downtown Moorhead.
  • Ensure proper funding to the Parks & Recreation Department to allow for such implementation.
  • Find additional ways to implement Moorhead’s dedication to recycling throughout the city.