Preventing Drug Use & Overdoses

In recent years, the Fargo-Moorhead community has seen repeated tragedies caused by drug overdoses and it seems that when it seems like each tragedy will be the last one, another one takes place. It is irresponsible for us as a community to investigate this issue any less than 100%.

We must include extensive drug education curriculum in our schools to ensure that the community’s young people have the resources they need to avoid entering into the dangerous lifestyle of drug usage.

As a city councilman, John will:

  • Advocate for any and all resources needed by local law enforcement to investigate into and reduce the number of drug related crimes in the city of Moorhead.
  • Work with elected officials of neighboring cities to find ways to reduce the number of drug related crimes in the entire Fargo-Moorhead community.
  • Encourage members of the School Board to advocate for stricter drug prevention curriculum in our education system.
  • Identify ways to provide resources for those who are struggling with drug addiction and seek rehabilitation.